We at Bridging Freedom are proud of our affiliations and community partnerships, which allow us to serve as an educational resource, and promote and accomplish our mission to restore stolen childhoods to minor sex-trafficking victims.

We are a member of the Mel Greene Foundation, SAFE, TBHTTF, FSU War Room, DCF Safe Home Collaboration.

Clearwater/Tampa Bay Area Task Force on Human Trafficking – Fosters community and faith-integrative action to fight human trafficking in the Tampa Bay area.

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Works with enforcement agencies and national victim-based advocacy groups in joint task forces. Since beginning its human trafficking initiative in 2004, the FBI has quadrupled its number of prosecutions.

(Pictured left, Laura Hamilton receives FBI’s 2013 Director’s Community Leadership Awards. View the article on the FBI’s website here.)

St. Petersburg College Center for Human Trafficking Awareness – Training for Tampa Bay area law enforcement in the identification of trafficking victims, as well as awareness and resources for the community.

Wellspring Living – A nonprofit in Atlanta successfully confronting the issue of child sex trafficking, Wellspring Living provides Bridging Freedom with organizational mentorship for its planned rehabilitation program and therapeutic safe home.

Learn how we are helping to restore stolen childhoods

Child sex-trafficking is a horrific crime that causes significant physical, mental and emotional trauma. At Bridging Freedom’s therapeutic safe home campus in the Tampa Bay area, rescued children and teens receive long-term holistic care to help them heal.
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