Campus History

From Vision to Impact

It all started with a vision to establish a nurturing and secure environment, reminiscent of a traditional home setting, where children could find solace and engage in outdoor activities within a safe space. The first step towards achieving this dream was securing an ideal plot of land, followed by the construction of the homes themselves. Through unwavering determination and the support of generous donors, our vision became reality. The journey was filled with challenges and required astounding perseverance, but we now have the means to positively transform the lives of these children and restore stolen childhoods.

Since breaking ground in 2017, we have made remarkable progress, yet our journey continues. Presently, we proudly operate two homes with a dedicated team and ambitious visions. Our objective now is building our third home along with a lodge for gathering. We remain committed to aiding as many children as possible.

Our mission revolves around creating a nurturing, comforting environment for these vulnerable children. Recognizing the deep trauma they have endured, we ensure that each child receives the utmost security, safety, and privacy. To achieve this, our homes are thoughtfully designed, providing them with their own private bedrooms and bathrooms, granting them a safe haven to express their emotions freely.

Board Members Bless The Homes
“She is clothed in strength and dignity…” Scripture provides spirit from within the walls, thanks to some special “graffiti” by our board members.

As We Move Forward

With the generous support of donors, the Amazon Wish List for our initial two safe homes was fully realized. Thanks to their kindness, young survivors found essential items awaiting them, including towels, pillows, and comforting stuffed animals. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the steadfast child advocates and supporters who decorated the rooms and lanais. Now, they have a beautiful sanctuary to gather, decompress, and achieve serenity in nature.

As we progress, we eagerly look forward to providing the same loving environment to many more children in need.

See how you can help. Prayers for the children and for the staff are cherished most of all!  

Empower their Tomorrow: Building Homes, Building Hope

The significance of contributing to the construction of another safe home is immeasurable, especially when considering the impact of donations. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, holds the potential to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Donors are instrumental in creating a secure place for those who have endured unimaginable traumas. A safe home provides not just shelter but also a sanctuary for healing and growth. You can play a pivotal role in building homes and furnishing these spaces with the necessities and comforts that can make a world of difference to young survivors.

The act of giving reverberates with compassion and empathy, forming a collective force of positive change. Together, we can extend a helping hand to those in need and empower them to reclaim their futures with strength and resilience.

Building Freedom

Bridging Freedom provides comprehensive survivor care for victims of child sex-trafficking in a community environment. More homes are needed for our children. Be part of the solution and help us continue to build this therapeutic safe home campus for Her.

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