Therapeutic Safe Home Community

Child sex-trafficking is a horrific crime that causes significant physical, mental and emotional trauma. Victims have the best chance of recovery when provided long-term, individualized and interdisciplinary care in a secure environment. Sadly, there are few programs nationwide for children that provide this type of care to at-risk girls.

The Program

Bridging Freedom’s rehabilitation program is located in a safe and secure campus with several homes and space for outdoor therapeutic activities. Children live in a home with their own bedrooms and bathrooms, and nurturing residential caretakers who create a positive, healthy and stable environment conducive to healing.

At our therapeutic safe home campus, survivors receive:

  • Individual therapeutic sessions from clinical therapists.
  • Health care management from a registered nurse.
  • Psychoeducation groups, such as Substance abuse, Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Healthy Boundaries, etc.
  • Therapeutic activities, such as equine art and gardening.
  • Online education through FLVS.
  • Monthly educational field trips and weekly fun recreational outings.
  • Life skills to help survivors adjust to life outside of the home.
  • Transitional mentorship to provide support for 18 year old survivors after they graduate the program.

Through a step-wise program that lasts approximately a year to 18 months, we help children to stabilize, trust again, heal emotionally and physically and adjust to being kids again.

Why Foundational Partners Have Joined Bridging Freedom

Providing each girl with the safety of her own bedroom and bathroom in our traditional styled homes would not be possible without members of the Freedom League.

You Can Help Them Heal

Child sex-trafficking is a horrific crime in the Tampa Bay Area that robs the innocence of its victims causing significant physical, mental and emotional trauma.
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