Therapeutic Safe Home Community

Child sex-trafficking is a horrific crime that causes significant physical, mental and emotional trauma. Victims have the best chance of recovery when provided long-term, individualized and interdisciplinary care in a secure environment. Sadly, there are less than five facilities nationwide that provide this type of care, able to serve a total of only approximately 100 victims at any given time.

Bridging Freedom’s goal is to build and operate a therapeutic safe home campus in the Tampa Bay area – the first of its kind in Florida – where rescued children and teens will receive long-term holistic care to help them heal.

The Program

Equine therapy will be a part of the holistic healing program at Bridging Freedom’s therapeutic safe home campus.

Bridging Freedom’s rehabilitation program will be located in a safe and secure campus with several homes and space for outdoor therapeutic activities. Children will live in a home with their own bedrooms and bathrooms, and nurturing residential caretakers who create a positive, healthy and stable environment conducive to healing.

At our therapeutic safe home campus, survivors will receive:

  • Medical care from a clinical director, clinical therapists and licensed nurses
  • Alcohol and drug rehabilitation from licensed medical professionals
  • Therapeutic recreation, such as equine and art therapy, and gardening
  • Education from teachers board-certified through the Florida Department of Education
  • Life skills to help survivors adjust to life outside of the home
  • Career development and shadowing to prepare teen survivors to be independent adults
  • Transitional mentorship to provide support for survivors after they leave the home

Through programs that last from six months to two years, we will help children learn to trust again, heal emotionally and physically and adjust to being kids again.


Bridging Freedom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to pursue and fulfill its mission. We are currently working to raise funds to build and sustain a therapeutic safe home campus in the Tampa Bay area that will serve child sex-trafficking victims from this area and around the country.

You can help make our dream of building a therapeutic safe home a reality.

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