Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

Bridging Freedom has collected resources on the topics below to help raise awareness about human trafficking and child sex-trafficking. Visit each section to see info sheets, booklets and brochure PDFs that are free to download, print and share to spread awareness. Knowledge truly is power, and an informed society can help put an end to these horrific crimes that rob the innocence of their victims and cause significant physical, mental and emotional trauma.


What is Human Trafficking and Child Sex-Trafficking?

Human trafficking is modern day slavery, subjecting victims to forced labor or sexual exploitation. Victims of child sex-trafficking are minor children who are forced or coerced into engaging in a commercial sex act. Unfortunately, this heinous crime happens more often than most people know.

The first step to fighting human trafficking is understanding the perpetrators, the victims, and the complexities of the crime.

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using the Internet

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe From Predators

Many children and teens have unsupervised access to the Internet on home computers, tablets and cell phones, potentially making them vulnerable to criminals trying to reach them online. Busy parents and adults need the tools and knowledge to keep up with an ever-changing landscape online.

Learn how perpetrators reach children online and arm yourself with the knowledge to protect your children.

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Talking to Kids About Human Trafficking

The naivety of children often makes them trusting and easy for traffickers to build a relationship with. Simply talking to the children in your life about human trafficking and how to protect themselves can give them the knowledge they need to recognize behavior that could put them in harm’s way.

The right conversation with your child may someday save her life. Learn how to approach the subject with your child now.

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Video Training for First Responders, Law Enforcement, Parents, and Teachers

Video training to increase human trafficking awareness is made available by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, and other reputable organizations. These training videos provide valuable training using real-life human trafficking scenarios to depict how victims are recruited, who the victims are, and how to help someone you believe is a trafficking victim.

View the videos now to gain the critical understanding of the complex human trafficking problem – so that you can be prepared to help your children or your community. 

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Human Trafficking Legislation

Bridging Freedom works tirelessly with governmental agencies and legislators to create and pass bills that protect our children and harshly penalize criminals who perpetrate the horrendous crimes of human trafficking and child sex-trafficking.

Visit our Human Trafficking Legislation page to gain a better understanding of the laws we currently have in place – and where we still have work do to.

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