Human Trafficking and the Church

May 15, 2023

Human trafficking is a global tragedy that strips people of their dignity. The church must rise up to use its resources and voice to fight against this heinous crime.

Human trafficking is a major problem worldwide, with approximately 21 million people currently victims of forced labor and 4.5 million people victims of forced sexual exploitation, according to recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Defense. This crime involves the exploitation of vulnerable individuals through force, coercion, or deception. The church, as an institution that values justice and compassion, has an important role to play in addressing this issue. From spreading awareness and partnering with organizations to providing educational opportunities and donations, the church can play a major role in combating human trafficking in communities across the world.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways a local church can get involved in combating human trafficking and protecting innocent lives.


Local Churches Can Help Spread Awareness

As a community of God’s people, the church has a unique opportunity to shed light on the issue of human trafficking. By using its platform to spread awareness, the church can educate its audience about the devastating impact that trafficking has on individuals, families, and communities. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that human trafficking only happens in foreign countries or in dramatized depictions like in the movie Taken. However, the harsh reality is that it’s happening in our own backyards, across America. As a result, the church can recognize its position to inform the public about this pressing issue and utilize its community outreach to help combat it.

Churches with a social media presence can play a crucial role in spreading the word online. A local church can use its platform to share vital statistics, real-life stories, news, and practical ways to help combat trafficking in the community. Additionally, the church can offer its time and space to provide a platform for the voices of trafficking survivors to be heard and their testimonials to be shared. Hearing from survivors can evoke a sense of urgency and emotion in the audience, motivating them to take immediate action against this heinous crime. By spreading awareness and support, the church can play a vital role in eradicating human trafficking and protecting vulnerable individuals both domestically and abroad.


Partnering with Local Organizations and Nonprofits

Collaborative efforts can go a long way in extending the reach of important messages and amplifying awareness to a larger audience. That is why partnering with local organizations and nonprofits can provide the church with an opportunity to learn more about the issue of human trafficking and the efforts being made to combat it.

Local non-profit organizations like Bridging Freedom offer a range of services, including rescue and rehabilitation for survivors, community education, and victim prevention. Local churches can support these organizations through financial donations, volunteer work, and partnerships. By working together, churches and local nonprofit organizations can create a powerful force that can make a difference in the lives of those affected by human trafficking in their community.


Partnering with Local Churches on Educational Opportunities

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” and when it comes to combating human trafficking, it’s no different. The church has a crucial role to play by providing educational opportunities to their staff, members, and the wider community. By offering seminars and workshops, the church can equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to recognize the signs of trafficking and identify potential victims. These educational opportunities can also help people understand the devastating impact that trafficking has on individuals and communities.

Churches can also collaborate with organizations that provide training programs for community members who are interested in participating in anti-trafficking efforts. The OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center offers evidence-based training resources for free, both online and in-person. These programs can increase awareness of trafficking and provide individuals with practical skills to combat it. By providing more eyes and ears on the ground, the church can serve as a powerful force for good and help protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to this crime.


Donating Money

Financial support is crucial to providing resources for organizations that work to rescue victims, provide support, and rehabilitation services. Local churches can research and identify reputable organizations that are dedicated to combating trafficking and donate funds to support their efforts. By donating money, the church can contribute directly to the rescue efforts and rehabilitation of trafficking victims, as well as provide valuable funding for prevention programs and awareness campaigns.

There are numerous reputable organizations around the world that work tirelessly to combat human trafficking. These organizations provide a range of services, from rescue and rehabilitation to advocacy and education. Churches can support these organizations through various means, such as direct donations, fundraising events, or partnerships with local chapters.


Help Restore Stolen Childhoods: Donate to Bridging Freedom

Aside from the international organizations, it is also important to note the impact of smaller, non-profit organizations like Bridging Freedom. Every donation to organizations like Bridging Freedom goes directly towards maintaining our therapeutic safe home campus community, survivor rehabilitation services, community education, and victim prevention. Despite being smaller in size, Bridging Freedom has had a significant impact on the Tampa Bay community, rescuing and providing resources to survivors of child sex trafficking through partnerships with local law enforcement, corporations, society clubs, church congregations, and other community groups.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Bridging Freedom relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to achieve its mission. By donating today, individuals and the church can help Bridging Freedom restore stolen childhoods to victims of minor sex trafficking and make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.


About Bridging Freedom

Our team works tirelessly to help prevent and restore stolen childhoods. We combat human trafficking in Florida through our restoration programs for rescued victims by providing therapeutic safe homes for victims. Aside from providing services for victims, Bridging Freedom also aims to educate the Tampa Bay metro community about the horrors going on behind closed doors.

Through partnerships with law enforcement agencies and municipalities in Florida, we can help provide victims with a safe place to live for a season and connect them to necessary recovery resources. If you would like to support Bridging Freedom, then we ask you to donate online at the webpage here. If you represent a local church looking to explore a potential partnership with Bridging Freedom, then please send us an email at

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