Founder’s Progress Report

Bridging Freedom Founders Progress Report


Thank you to all who have prayed, provided connections,  partnered, volunteered, and donated.

Together we will restore stolen childhoods!


July 2017

We expect contracts to be signed mid 2017 after the interpretation process.  When contracted, funds are disbursed incrementally when invoiced for program therapeutic services.  We hope to begin serving children early 2018.

July 2016

$1.2 Million appropriated for the completion of site development and program services. (Funds have not been disbursed as the State Contracts Application is still in the interpretation process.)

March 2016

First disbursement began.  Funds are disbursed when invoices are submitted incrementally as site development progresses.

July 2015

$1 Million appropriated for site development of the long term therapeutic safe home campus.