CATCHing created. Freedom

Jun 28, 2013

Many victims of human trafficking are not able to access rehabilitative services when they are still young, which Bridging Freedom is determined to change. However, for adult victims, the CATCH court program (Changing Actions to Change Habits), out of Ohio, is providing adult victims of human trafficking a new lease on life.

With curfews, a sisterhood accountability program, strong support systems and weekly meetings, those involved in CATCH are provided with the tools to learn how to alter their lives forever. The graduates of the program are provided with a diploma, scrap book of their recovery journey, continued support and involvement as well as a paper dismissing and sealing their prior convictions, which is very difficult to accomplish for adults with criminal records in prostitution and the like.

In Tampa, Florida, an organization called created. understands the difficulty of having a criminal record while on the path to recovery, as well. “Because of their past mistakes, opportunities can be hard to come by for our women. Until they gain full time employment, we are able to offer our residents part time work within our micro-businesses to supplement their income.” This influential non-profit owns and operates local a cafe, thrift shop and cleaning service which provide opportunities for their residents to begin working in healthy and ethical circumstances. Email or visit to learn more.

CATCH and created. allow women to go to good schools, get fair jobs and live as survivors of human trafficking rather than criminals.
One third of all prostitutes are sold for sex before their 15th birthday and 62% before their 18th birthday. Shockingly, 96% of these girls are runaways. That is where we come in.

We are thrilled that the CATCH and created. programs are assisting the adult rehabilitation process and we hope this concept expands throughout the nation. But what if these women were rescued while they were still girls? What if they stepped into adulthood as survivors rather than victims?

Bridging Freedom is dedicated to rehabilitating victims of human trafficking that are under the age of 18. We will help children find healing and restoration by catching them before they reach adulthood and helping them learn who they were truly created to be.

In tandem with other organizations with similar visions, we will change the world as we know it. Won’t you join us?

CATCHing created. Freedom

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